• Python Class Properties

    A powerful feature of classes in python is the use of property attributes using the @property decorator. I am using this feature extensively when building my rigging tools so here is a quick outline of how they work, and how powerful they are.

  • Motion Path Matrix Spline

    In the progress building up my rigging tools i wanted a better way to handle spline and spine rigs. The two main types of spine setups you see are using maya SplineIK solver or a nurbs curve with follicles/uvPin to drive the joints, both work well and are probably more than enough for my needs however i have some issues with both of them that i didnt like

  • Reloading All Imported Modules

    As part of the on-going project to build a library of rigging tools i wanted a better way to reload all imported custom modules

  • Custom Joint Orient Tool

    Mayas joint orient tool leaves alot to be desired. Without alot of fiddling with the settings and manual shifting of the joints rotation its extremely annoying and time consuming to get a good base oriention of your joint chain, which will cause alot of problems down the line when building your rig.

  • Website Is Live

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